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Get An Edge With Our New Investment Approach And Strategy

Nitro Penny Stocks was formed by a team of professionals who recognize the difficulties the average investor is facing in the current post-2008 financial crisis market.

Recognizing that a major paradigm shift had taken place in the stock market and that a new approach was needed for the investment minded individual to be successful we are applying a new strategy to get ahead of the curve and help our readers make money.

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Learn Our "Triple-A" Strategy

Our unique Triple-A strategy of explosive stock picking was developed over the past three years and is a direct result of the devastating events now known as " the financial crisis of 2008". The challenge as we saw it was to give the average investor a fighting chance to win the war for financial independence. Everywhere we turned we saw decades of prevailing financial wisdom and common sense overturned. Those who were living in the past and offering the investing public their "tried and true" advice were failing miserably. As a result we have seen millions desert the stock market vowing never to return. Who can blame them? On days the market plunges the volume is heavy and on those when it goes up it is very light. What does that tell you?

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